Photo: Justin Coomber

I’m Mandie Swart – a young, vibrant blogger on a mission to find and explore everything about coffee, coffee shops and coffee beans.

I’ll be blogging about my journey into finding the best coffee spots, going behind the scenes, and creating a platform to expand one’s knowledge about coffee.

It all started with me wanting to explore my city (Cape Town) by visiting every possible coffee shop in and around Cape Town, as my love for coffee, well how can one put this, is above and beyond.

I started out by posting a few photos here and thereĀ on Instagram, having friends coming up to me telling how they loved it.

Photo: Justin Coomber

It also made me realize, that we tend to say we are coffee lovers. We enjoy going to a coffee shop, great conversations over coffee with a group of friends. But have we really asked ourselves that, what it is we are really drinking? There’s a difference having a love for coffee and being a coffee lover.

Well, then I’ll enlighten you with some Coffee 101’s where we can together indulge ourselves into becoming proper coffee lovers.

With the hopes to create a coffee club and get together’s, as coffee enthusiasts over a good cup of coffee. I would love to complete a barista course during this journey; to be able to bring you the first-hand knowledge of coffee.

But for now, let’s change the world one cup of coffee at a time.